LOUISA ELLIOTT. Ann Victoria Roberts


Published: March 27th 1989


688 pages


LOUISA ELLIOTT.  by  Ann Victoria Roberts

LOUISA ELLIOTT. by Ann Victoria Roberts
March 27th 1989 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 688 pages | ISBN: | 6.37 Mb

This book was a combination of romance and a sad piece of historical fiction. If you’re big on historical fiction, you might not appreciate the focus on the romance. If you’re big on romance, you’ll be like, WTF?!?Louisa Elliott comes from a poor, but gentle, family.

She was born illegitimate and works as a ladies companion. She crosses paths with the handsome and dashing Robert Duncannon. He is also intrigued by her and the romance ensues.Strict social codes of the time prevent the two of from forming any sort of meaningful liaison (no divorce, no inter-marriages across class boundaries, etc.) but she does become his mistress and they have some children together. But neither is happy, especially Louisa because she wants it all. She wants to be married. She wants to be accepted into the life of the man she loves.

And she doesn’t want to feel shame for her family or her background.Throughout all the ups and downs Louisa and Robert face in their tumultuous relationship, her cousin Edward is constantly lurking and not-so-secretly in love with Louisa. Oh, Edward. He is everything Robert is not. He is gentle and calm and not hot-blooded and sexy. But he is nothing, if not persistent, and is always a good friend to Louisa.***spoilers past this point***At the end, Louisa leaves Robert and hooks up with her cousin.

I’m sorry, but that is gross. I don’t care if that was normal/acceptable at the time. It isn’t now and I think it’s disgusting. I wouldn’t recommend this book to anyone, especially since it is almost 800 pages long. Ugh.I gave it an extra star because it was fairly well-written.

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