Wisdom from Beyond H. Constance Hill

ISBN: 9780982922521

Published: October 1st 2010


135 pages


Wisdom from Beyond  by  H. Constance Hill

Wisdom from Beyond by H. Constance Hill
October 1st 2010 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 135 pages | ISBN: 9780982922521 | 4.74 Mb

This book contains messages received by the author from 35 personalities, all of whom have passed away, with names well known to human readers. Their messages have been communicated from the spiritual realm, where their lives continue. From a perspective now in Spirit, these discarnate (without physical bodies)entities are aware of information they KNOW would help human beings better understand life. Their messages are a gathering of WISDOM FROM BEYOND for all of us here on Earth.

The idea for this book came suddenly one summer day, arriving as a complete concept. H. Constance Hill knew she was to receive communications from a number of individuals with widely known names, all of whom had crossed over to Spirit relatively recently-within the past century or so! The messages she would receive from each would be in answer to the question- What knowledge would you most like to pass along to humans living on Earth at this time?

The entities include names such as Walt Disney, Elvis Presle

Enter the sum

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